Transport your Christmas tree by bicycle

I’m giving props where props are due. When you see bikers not just riding, but riding with Christmas tree in tow, you begin to realise cycling has no limits. After seeing our favourite family on wheels A Simple Six taking their new tree home by bike, a quick image search online proved they’re not the first to do so.

A Simple Six take their Christmas Tree home

Image (c) A Simple Six

Long John Christmas Tradition in Copenhagen

Image (cc) Mikael Colville-Andersen

Copenhagen Yule

Image (cc) Mikael Colville-Andersen

You can transport anything by bicycle in Amsterdam

Image (cc) milknosugar

longtail Christmas tree recycling

Image (cc) Mark Stosberg

Tree on bike

Image (cc) Jeff Youngstrom


Image (cc) cleverchimp

There are more pics at Copenhagenize.

There’s even a Christmas tree company in Portland called “Trees By Bike” that, you guessed it, deliver their trees via bike (they’re already sold out for the year.)

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