Gala Darling’s guide to cycle chic

Gala Darling

We asked fashion blogger-star Gala Darling to give us some advice about how to dress when you’re a winter biker – and hopefully avoid looking like a stuffed sausage. She has some awesome pointers, and digs out some pretty cool helmets, backpacks and other assorted bike accouterments. Head to her site for the full post, but here’s an excerpt:

When the temperatures start to drop, the temptation is to bundle up, hail a taxi & let your bicycle collect cobwebs. The truth is, you can ride your bike almost the whole year, if you’re dressed appropriately!

Here are some items I suggest in your keeping-warm-on-the-bike arsenal…

<3 Leather leggings

<3 A thick scarf you can pull up over your mouth

<3 Cashmere-lined leather gloves, or something equally decadent & cozy. P.S. I like to buy gloves from places like Century 21 or T.J. Maxx, they always have great deals!

<3 Cashmere leggings

<3 Merino wool layering pieces , like sweaters, turtlenecks & long tunics to keep your lower back covered!

<3 A cute blazer (love that one, so Willy Wonka!) or jacket

<3 A faux fur gilet

<3 Riyoko have fleece-lined leggings in cute patterns!

Really, the trick is to wear super-warm layers. They don’t have to be thick & bulky. I love merino wool & Uniqlo’s HeatTech pieces for this purpose — they’re the thickness of a regular t-shirt but keep you really toasty. If you can keep your torso warm, you won’t need to wear a trillion layers & look like the Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man! Hooray!

You also don’t have to go out & buy all new things just to ride on your bike! One of my favourite blazers is an old velvet thing, it’s got tattered sleeves but I love it for topping off a cycling ensemble!

You might also want to check some of those shops for outdoorsy, adventure type people. I don’t really know what they’re called! However, they’re great for stocking up on thermal underthings, stuff made of Thinsulate, really warm hats, scarves, gloves, etc. They also often have “athletic” sections, so you might even find stuff made specifically for intrepid winter biking!